The Galapagos islands offer unparalleled opportunities for us photographers. During this intense exploration of some of the most beautiful islands photography will be our main goal: we go on land before sunrise, spend a lot of time on the wildlife that inhabit the volcanic islands and we use the last light in the evening. This is a photographic adventure not to miss !

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Tour dates

13th to 23rd November 2018

Group Size

13 people


Easy to moderate

Book Before

1st March 2018


Day 1  : Arrival in Santa-Cruz (from Quito in Ecuador). Afternoon: Bachas

Day 2 : Genovesa. Morning: Darwin Bay. Afternoon: Prince Phillip’s Steps

Day 3 : Marchena. Morning: Punta Mejia. Afternoon: Playa Negra

Day 4 : Isabela. Morning: Punta Abermale. Afternoon: Punta Vicente Roca

Day 5 : Fernandina/Isabela. Morning: Punta Espinoza. Afternoon: Urbina Bay

Day 6 : Isabela. Morning: Elizabeth Bay. Afternoon: Punta Moreno

Day 7 : Floreana. Morning: Asilo de la Paz/Cerro Alieri. Afternoon: Snorkling and navigation to Puerto Ayora

Day 8 : Santa Cruz. Morning: Highlands. Afternoon: Charles Darwin Station

Day 9 : Floreana. Morning: Punta Cormorant Champion. Afternoon: Post Office Bay

Day 10 : Espanola. Morning: Punta Suarez. Afternoon: Gardner Bay

Day 11 : San Cristobal. Morning: Isla Lobos and Kicker Rock. Afternoon: return to airport

Galapagos Paradise

Sir David Attenborough already made us mouthwater with his wonderful BBC documentaries about the Galapagos islands: Waved albatrosses, Marine iguanas and Flightless cormorants against a spectacular backdrop of volcanoes, dramatic coastlines and many small islands. Sounds like music? Add on top of that two experienced photographic guides, a fantastic Galapagos know-it-all naturalist, and unique photography on the best spots of the archipelago, and you are guaranteed to have a once in a lifetime experience.

Photographers dream !

The Galapagos islands offer an amazing collection of spectacular wildlife and flora and impressive landscapes. 95% of the archipelago is designated as a national park since 1968 and is protected by Ecuador. Each island has his own evolved species to offer that are only be found here. Climate is hot and dry, while the Humboldt sea current brings in cold and nutriënt rich water straight from the Antarctic. This creates an ecosystem that brings food for an array of wildlife under and above water. And of course we will explore both worlds: early mornings and late evenings we explore land, and around noon we go snorkelling, with warm wetsuits that is!
We made a careful selection of islands we will visit, that offer the best photographic opportunities.

Crazy wildlife

On of the most famous creatures only to be found here in Galapagos, is the Marine iguana. The iconic Blue-footed booby is one the symbol species of the islands. Each island has one or more species of so called Darwin finches, that helped Darwin create his evolution theory.
The beautiful Lava gull is the rarest gull of the world. During our crossings we will continuously be followed by gigantic frigatebirds.
The Galapagos tortoise is the biggest living species of tortoise.
While snorkeling we will be investigated by the curious Galapagos sea lions and Galapagos penguins, and if we are lucky we might even spot some Hammerhead sharks.
The list is pretty long, and since most animals show no fear, we will be able to observe up close and very long, since we made our program to be able to have long photographic sessions.


Everybody is welcome on this photo-tour, wether if you are a beginner or a pro. You don’t even need to take pictures, as long as you have a good taste for adventure and a lot of patience! There are no specific needs for photographic gear, because here you can use any kind of lens, anything from wide-angle lenses till long telelenses will do the job. Important is to keep it light, we will be walking on rough terrain, and shooting from spot to spot.
Since we will spend quiet some time snorkelling, you should bring an underwater camera or housing for your dslr, but even a small action-camera can give you great results.

Accomodation and transport

We will be travelling with the MS Samba, a strong and fast ship that is very stable, even on windy days. Deck is very spacious, so it is a perfect platform to observe and photograph from. There is space for 13 people, which is a very small group to explore the Galapagos islands. You will experience enough privacy on board and freedom to move around with cameras. Our professional crew is very friendly and very experienced in Galapagos waters and will guarantee us a trip of a lifetime. We have chartered this ship exclusively, so we will only be on board with like minded people, and photography will be our main target!
Our chef will serve us three delicious meals a day, most of the products are organic and locally grown by the way!
The combination of our carefully selected itinerary and this perfect ship makes it a unique offer to explore the Galapagos.

Clothing, condition and gear

You will need light summer clothes that can dry quickly, so preferably no cotton. Sun rises straight above us, so it’s good to be protected against sunburn. We usually do wet landings on beaches, and sandals or light walking shoes work perfect, as long as they are durable enough to walk on sharp lava rocks. Hats, sunscreen and sunglasses are essential.
Prepare for chilly early mornings and late evenings.
Although we have quite an amount of different sized wetsuits (and fines and goggles) on board, we advise to bring your own gear, so you know you have the perfect size for you. 3-4mm wetsuits will do fine, unless you get cold quickly. Sometimes we spend up to 1,5 hour in the water while snorkeling!
Walks will be pretty easy, but temperatures will change fast on land. Water will be quite chilly and swims can be rather long if you want to see everything. However, there will always be rubberboats following us, that can take you out of the water if you wish to finish swimming.



Professional guidance, booking fees, all local transport, all meals and nights
on board of Samba, snorkeling gear, non-alcoholic drinks, all land excursions,
entrance fee for the national park entrance.


Flight(s) to Baltra Airport, hotels in Quito before and after boat trip,
alcoholic beverages, cancellation insurance, 
travel insurance,
purchases of personal nature, gratuities for guides and crew.



They joined me on my last phototour and it was lots of fun ! Thank you to them for their trust.
  • I recommend a trip with Yves definitely, he’s not only an excellent photographer but also an excellent tour guide. He’s very social, speaks a lot of languages and is pragmatic and hands-on. He takes care during of the whole trip.
    Carl Verstraelen, Belgium
  • I did 16 - yes sixteen - photo trips with this guy from 2012, when it all started, upto now. Why? Well, all I can say is that I have a lot of very good pics. Why? Well, all I can say is that the opportunities were there and that my skills have increased considerably. Why? Well, just see for yourself and book, all you need and expect as a photographer is there, you won’t regret.
    Julien Herremans, Belgium
  • Yves has a lot of knowledge of Svalbard! He is very helpfull, has a big knowledge of photographic topics and gear, loves a good joke and is a kind person.
    Alex Boel, Belgium
  • I met Yves in Norway, his humor and optimism was infectuous. He is giving the best of himself and brings out the best of you as photographer and leaves his costumers space to do their thing!
    Regi Popelier, Belgium
  • Yves has the patience, the knowledge about photography, wildlife and landscape.
    Wim De Baets, Belgium
  • We join Yves each and very year since the first time we met him! He’s social skills; his knowledge of the environments where he guides people; he’s possibilities of adaptation on certain situations; the fact that he will never put his team in danger. Everything goes smooth and easy with Yves, hassel free!
    Bert Van Der Krieken & Kristien Van Acker, Belgium
  • We have always been delighted to travel with Yves. He is always doing his best to satisfy the travelers and takes all his responsibility towards people. Everything has always been perfect!
    Pascale Carrette & Bas Talpe, Belgium

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