Exclusive photography trip to Sweden: golden eagles and black grouses


Join me on a unique tour to Sweden, where you will learn how to photograph iconic birds such as the golden eagle and the black grouse. Breathtaking landscapes and desolate forests shape the background of this scouting trip. With several photography hides at our disposal and the joint guidance of myself and renowned nature photographer Conny Lundström, you are set to shoot only the very best images.

There’s room for 5 photographers on this exclusive scouting trip. Will you be one of them? 


Tour dates

06 – 12 April 2020


Group Size

5 people



Easy to moderate, comfortable!



2295 euro


06/04: Flight from Brussels/Amsterdam to Stockholm – Skellefteå
We arrive at the airport of Skellefteå in the late afternoon, where our ride to the mythical hides of Conny Lundström awaits us.

07 – 09/04: Golden eagle hides
We switch between the different hides to photograph all the bird species. The final program will be decided during the trip, depending on the weather circumstances and the interests of the group.
Possible program: Golden eagle hide before noon, exploring the surroundings in the afternoon. Several moments are included to discuss the results of the photography sessions and refine your knowledge about photography and equipment.

10 – 11/04: Black grouse hides
Contrary to the golden eagle hides, these hides are not heated but warm sleeping bags are at our disposal. We arrive in the evening and spend the night, making sure not to disturb the birds.

We split the group: 3 people visit the grouse hides, 2 the golden eagle hides. We switch this around the next day.

12/04: Departure Skellefteå – Stockholm to Brussels/Amsterdam
Debriefing after breakfast, followed by a ride to the airport. Goodbye Sweden!

Scandinavian dream

Early spring in the north of Sweden is a marvel for any bird photographer. Winter is still felt in the province of Västerbotten early April, but spring is due. While the cold has not subsided and there may even be snow, birds and other animals already mark their territory and start their magnificent courtship.

We take our time to immerse ourselves in these beautiful surroundings, observing wildlife and photographing the iconic birds of the high north. Many species of woodpeckers inhabit this region, as do several species of Scandinavian owl, such as the northern hawk-owl, whose path we hope to cross.

The hides of Conny Lundström

We team up with our Swedish partner Conny Lundström for this high-level scouting trip to Sweden. Conny is an internationally renowned professional photographer. He has built several hides throughout this region, which he knows like the back of his hand. He used his experience and knowledge of the area to position the hides in the most strategic places.

Early April is the best time to visit the north of Sweden, allowing us to benefit from the combination of light and snow. It’s also the ideal time to photograph the golden eagle. We will spend most of our time in very comfortable hides, which contain heating and a toilet.

The choice is yours!

We will adjust our schedule depending on your wishes and the weather circumstances. Our partner Conny Lundström will advise us in due time.

When visiting the hides near the black grouses in display, we explore the surroundings in the evening. Warm sleeping bags and matrasses will be in place, but don’t forget to bring warm clothing. Waking up at first morning light to a group of black grouses in display is an unforgettable experience!

Depending on the courtship of the grouses, we might also position ourselves in small tents. Another option are the floating hides, which allow us to make the most beautiful images of whooper swans and cranes. In order not to disturb the courtship, we position ourselves in the hides before sunrise.

Accomodation and transport

We remain close to the areas we explore, so we never take long rides. Our hotel is a comfortable villa, where we have breakfast and dinner. Packed lunch is provided daily.

The villa offers one single room and two twin rooms. When spending a night in a hide, heating or warm sleeping bags are provided. You can always bring extra clothing or an insulation blanket.

We move around by car, minibus or even snow scooter, depending on the weather. Flights are not included.


Early April is still wintertime in Sweden. The average temperatures are slightly below zero (Umeå predictions), and the wind makes the perceived temperature even colder. So please take warm clothing: a fleece, warm winter coat and walking trousers, and rain trousers. The best thing to wear is several light layers of clothing. You will receive a more detailed list of what to bring before departure.

As you will regularly be adjusting optical devices in these cold conditions, gloves are indispensable, as are a shawl and a hat.



Drinking water, entrance to parks, professional guidance, booking fees, local transport, meals and overnight stays,
non-alcoholic drinks, access to the hides and excursions.


International flights, alcoholic beverages, cancellation insurance, travel insurance, purchases of a personal nature, gratuities.



These people joined me on one of my tours. My gratitude goed out to them for their trust!
  • I certainly recommend a trip with Yves. He’s not only an excellent photographer but also an excellent tour guide. He’s very social, speaks a lot of languages and is very pragmatic and hands-on. He takes care of his people during the entire trip.
    Carl Verstraelen, Belgium
  • I undertook no less than 16 (!) photo trips with this guy, starting in 2012. Why? All I can say is that I have a lot of beautiful images. Yves provides all the right photo opportunities and my skills have increased considerably. Everything I expect from a trip as a photographer is there. Just see for yourself and book a trip, you won’t regret it!
    Julien Herremans, Belgium
  • Yves knows a lot about Svalbard! He is very helpful, has expertise of photography and equipment, loves a good joke and is a very kind person.
    Alex Boel, Belgium
  • I met Yves in Norway. His humor and optimism was infectious! He gives the best of himself and brings out the best in you as a photographer. Travelers get lots of space to do their thing!
    Regi Popelier, Belgium
  • Yves has lots of patience with his group and plenty of knowledge about wildlife and landscape photography.
    Wim De Baets, Belgium
  • We join Yves every year since we first met him! His social skills, his knowledge of the environment he explores, his possibility to adapt to changing situations and the fact that he will never put his team in danger: trips with Yves are smooth and hassle-free!
    Bert Van Der Krieken & Kristien Van Acker, Belgium
  • We always delight in traveling with Yves. He does his best to satisfy the travelers every single time and is very responsible for the group. The trips are always perfect!
    Pascale Carrette & Bas Talpe, Belgium

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