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Norway Spring: black grouse and capercaillie

Springtime! It’s like a daily party for us nature-photographers. But springtime in Scandinavia must be the biggest party! Two elusive birds start to show up and perform a spectacular display in the midst of ancient forests and bogs: the huge capercaillie and the noisy black grouse.

Their displays doesn’t last very long, so to catch the best images, you need to plan carefully! The roosting pink-footed geese, on their way to Svalbard to breed, add a wonderful bonus. Odds are that most of them just spent their winter close to my home in Belgium!

Although we had a basecamp at Ole’s guesthouse in Flatanger, I didn’t sleep there once. I spent every night in the tent in the forest, close to the leks of capercaillies and black grouse. We found some extra energy to photograph the white-tailed eagles, some red squirrels and even some landscapes in the boreal forests.

What a way to start the spring!


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