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Hungary colours

Presenting today: a colourfull collection of images I took in Hungary in June, mainly taken from fixed hides. June isn’t really the best time to shoot birds. The temperatures can rise very quickly in the morning, causing hard light and making the birds inactive during the biggest part of the day. It got really hot, and sleeping in the van was a nightmare. But sleeping outside wasn’t an option either because of a zillion mosquitos, who even bothered us during the day.

So we never slept well, and the light became hard too quickly in the morning. Waiting for the evening light seemed to last forever under the burning sun. And when it arrived, it only seemed to last for a split second. We were tackling a real battle with time every day. Another reason why I really like the wintertime!

But thanks to my excellent guide Attila Szilágyi, I managed to get a wide variety of shots, as you can see. This would have been impossible if I had been in Hungary on my own. Köszönöm!


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