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The Global Arctic Awards 2013

I am very happy to announce that two of my pictures won prizes at the Global Arctic Awards! My picture of the polar bear mother and cub got the first prize in the category Polar Bears. And my picture of the musk oxen fighting in a snow blizzard got a Gold Medal prize from jurymember Aleksandr Miaskov.

The images will be shown in an exhibition that travels all over the world, starting in Moskow in April. I’ll be very excited to see that! My congratulations to the other winning photographers, whom I look forward to meet. Curious which pictures won the awards? You can discover them here:

A new year has started, so I hope to be back in the Arctic soon. I’ll visit Svalbard at least twice this year, and tomorrow I’m off to Norway to photograph eagles and killer whales! Let’s hope it will be a ‘cold’ year again, with lots of snow and ice. 😉

Here are my two award-winning pictures, and two more from myself in Norway. 

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