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Floating hide in Les Dombes, part II

Of course, I didn’t only photograph great crested grebes from the floating hide in Les Dombes (see last blog post). I was quite amazed to discover so many different species.

The breeding season was slowly ending and the first waders were already arriving. Ducks started to moult and herons congregated. So there were lots of subjects to shoot. Even young kingfishers were flying around and muskrats were foraging at the borders of the lakes. Thousands of frogs played an impressive concert every evening.

It was challenging to frame some early morning fog, some backlight with black backgrounds of forests or a sunset with some birds. But after two weeks I got to see most of the species I wanted to photograph in several conditions: the purple heron, night-heron, squacco heron, great white egret, little egret, pochard and many more.

Looking forward to be back next year! It’s so much fun to photograph from the floating hide.


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