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Winter in Svalbard – upcoming phototour in April 2017

I’m very excited to announce a new photo tour to Svalbard this winter in April 2017.

As a guide, I will be accompanied by a fantastic crew of expedition guides. We will travel both by expedition boat and snow scooters. Our aim? To photograph the wonderful white winter landscapes of Svalbard and its wildlife such as Polar bears, Arctic foxes, Svalbard reindeer, whales and more.

We travel in April, which means the landscape will be covered in snow and ice. The light will be very soft due to a low angle of the sun, long sunrises and long sunsets. And the fjords will also be covered with ice, harbouring plenty of seals, creating good hunting grounds for Polar bears.

We offer one week travel by snow scooter to photograph local wildlife such as foxes, reindeer and seals, and hopefully some Polar bears hunting on the ice. To extend our range in the fjords further up, we will spend eight nights on the expedition ship MS Origo, looking for bears and other wildlife. An excellent opportunity to photograph landscapes of snow-covered mountains and all forms of ice on the sea and the fjords.

Our group consists only of photographers, so we’ll be outdoors all the time, looking for wildlife and photography. Are you ready for this adventure?

We made an extensive pdf about this exciting expedition. Want to know more about this tour? Please send me an email at Be quick, accommodation is limited!

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