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Greenland – Arctic Autumn colours

This year I spent September travelling and guiding in Greenland in Scoresby Sund, the biggest fjord system on earth. Along the eastern coast, these fjords are home to spectacular icebergs similar in size to those in Antarctica.

Wildlife and icebergs in golden light

Our guests were treated to stunning autumn lights and colours. Most days were spent photographing the dramatically shaped icebergs and cruising through the fjords on our expedition ship Freya or by zodiac. During several landings and walks, we crossed the tundra in all its autumn splendour and encountered majestic muskox.

Spotting polar bears is always challenging, but we did find them and even got close a few times. Some bears were hanging around in spots where Inuit hunters had caught narwals. Unfortunately, we didn’t see the elusive sea unicorns, but there were a few great encounters with humpback whales and even hooded, ringed and harp seals.

Spectacular night sky

We experienced a phenomenal moon, lighting up the icebergs in the dark. Most nights, this spectacle was enhanced by very active northern lights. Exploring this wonderful place in September meant we saw the short Autumn starting and ending, turning into a colder, snowy climate. It offered us a variety of stunning photo conditions in the Arctic.

I found some time to edit these pictures, but I have many more to go through, so expect more later! We are planning to return to Greenland in September 2024. If you want to join, drop me a message or subscribe to our Vega Expeditions newsletter!

All pictures were taken with Nikon Z9, Z7II, 15-30mm, 24-120mm, 100-400mm and 500mm PF lenses.

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