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Bonelli’s eagles for Christmas please …

As is my tradition, I escaped the festivities again last Christmas (sorry, family!). This time, I went to Spain with my friend Bas to photograph some Bonelli’s eagles. The perfect country for nature photographers in search of peace and quiet during these overly celebrated days.

I came back home for a few days and then packed the car again, ready to roll once more. It gave me just enough time to edit some of the pictures I took in a hide for Bonelli’s eagles in Catalonia. Typical for these winter days are the thick fogs that cover big areas. They only clear up sometimes in the late afternoon, if it gets warmer. This causes really variable backgrounds and moods. I saw the sun as well that day, but the eagles had already finished eating. But I’m thrilled the fog stayed for so long, it makes the images so much stronger. Hope you like them too!

What a fantastic bird, with those intimidating eyes … almost forcing you not to press the shutter release button!

And now, it’s time to catch up with the family. Well, after my next trip, that is!


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