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Eagles in the snow

I can’t seem to get enough of eagles. They keep fascinating me, even after I’ve already spent so many successful days in hides, observing and photographing them from a close distance. When I heard about a place in Poland were about 30 birds came to feed on carrion that was provided for them, I needed to check it out.

I drove to Poland in very harsh snow-conditions, which makes driving difficult but creates the perfect scene for beautiful winter pictures. The heavy snowfall in the area around the hide was magical! It made photography very difficult sometimes – at moments you could hardly see the birds – but that’s what makes it exciting, and gives the pictures that perfect mood.

Oh, and the maximum of white-tailed eagles in front of the hide? No less than 34 birds! That’s a lot of eagle!

Maybe next year I will organise a small group-trip to this place. Interested? Send me a message!


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