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Galápagos Islands: Fernandina and Isabela

Sir David Attenborough enticed us with his stunning BBC documentaries about the Galápagos Islands. He showed us waved albatrosses, marine iguanas and wingless cormorants in spectacular surroundings, full of volcanoes and dramatic coastlines. But the reality is even better! Join me on an adventurous journey to the most stunning islands along the east coast: Fernandina and Isabela.

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Group size

12 – 14 people


5950 euro


Our local guide, Juan Manuel, awaits us on Baltra airport. He will drive us to the harbour where we embark our ship, The Samba. We’ll sail to Mosquera in the afternoon, where we are met by numerous Galapagos sea lions, sally lightfoot crabs and beautiful shorebirds.

Darwin Bay harbours a gigantic colony of tropical seabirds, many of which breed on the island. Prepare to get dazzled by frigatebirds, red-footed boobies, Nazca boobies, swallow-tailed gulls, tropicbirds and many other pelagic species. On top of the Prince Philip’s Steps, we discover the flight of the red-billed tropicbird, the acrobatic Galapagos shearwater and thousands of petrels. We might even see a short-eared owl hunting at daytime.

While all the boats set course to the south, The Samba heads west-northwest for some snorkelling, kayaking and dinghy sailing along the magical coasts of Marchena. We explore Playa Negra in the afternoon, where sea iguanas are looking for algae in the lava-caves. Afterwards, we sail west for 6 hours, out to the deep waters and the Cromwell current for some whale- and dolphin spotting.

Punta Albermarle is the only place in the world where the endemic  Galapagos cormorant breeds. It also harbours the biggest sea iguanas the archipelago has to offer. During a hike along the many tuff cones and thick layers of lava on Punta Vicente Roca, we get to see the Galapagos penguin, blue-footed boobies and many other fascinating sea creatures. Snorkelling reveals true underwater magic.

Punta Espinoza is full of life, boasting countless sea iguanas and sea lions, Galapagos cormorants, little penguins, sally lightfoot crabs and so much more. The Galapagos buzzard is a fierce hunter, while we snorkel between the sea turtles to refresh after our volcano hike. We discover the iguanas of Urbina Bay in the afternoon.

Elizabeth Bay is a unique place, combining tropical mangrove with penguins. We’re on the lookout for the spotted eagle ray, sea turtles and many tropical fish. In the afternoon, we enjoy the sight of countless cactuses on Punta Moreno and discover stunning oases. The brackish water draws many magnificent birds to its shores such as flamingos, gallinules, black-necked stilts and Galapagos martins.

Hills of Floreana and panoramic view on top of Cerro Alieri. We sail to the exquisite snorkelling spot of Devils Crown in the afternoon and dine at Academy Bay in the evening.


The Santa Cruz highlands give us an overview of the tropical forest. Many Darwin finches, tree warblers, vermillion flycatchers and a rich diversity of plants can be seen around the crater.

Afterwards, we head back to Baltra airport. Farewell, Galapagos!


In cooperation with STARLING


Professional guidance, booking fees, boat rides, all local transport, all meals and nights
on board of Samba, snorkelling gear, drinking water, all land excursions,
entrance fee for the national park entrance, specialised local guides, insurance guarantee fund

Not included

National and international flights, airport taxes, visa costs (if applicable), hotels before and after boat trip,
alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, cancellation insurance, travel insurance, personal purchases, gratuities for guides and crew

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